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The Hypnotist

Jul 29, 2022

Adam creates a hypnosis session to help those who feel they gamble too much or have a problem with gambling. Gambling can be very addictive and while this session isn't designed for addicts it may be helpful for those that feel they are wasting money on gambling on sports bets, casinos, cards, slot machines or any other form of gambling. Adam creates a session designed to create a belief that investing can meet the same needs as gambling albeit over a longer time frame and to highlight that investing can also be exciting but with more probability of financial gain.

Please note this is designed to be a useful hypnosis session and does not represent financial advice. Please see a financial adviser before investing.  

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Adam Cox is one of the world's most innovative hypnotists and is known for being the hypnotherapist of choice for Celebrities, CEO's and even Royalty.

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