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The Hypnotist

Jan 27, 2022

Adam announces that all listeners to the show now have the ability to sponsor an episode - giving them the ability to decide the topic, theme, or issue of an entire episode. This can be credited to themselves or to someone that the episode is gifted to. 

The Hypnotist is the world's leading hypnotherapy podcast with over 100,000 downloads each month and an average of 2,000 downloads per episode. You can sponsor an episode giving you:

  • Credit as the sponsor of the show (can be anonymous if you prefer)
  • Choice of the theme or topic of the episode
  • A link to a social media channel or website of your choice.

The episode will be recorded, edited, and published within 2 weeks of receiving payment. You will have the benefit of having a hypnosis session for you but also know that you'll be having a positive impact on thousands of others as well.