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The Hypnotist

Dec 7, 2021

Adam works with a man than wanted to give up smoking mainly for financial reasons. We calculated that he was spending about £5-£7k per year to fuel his smoking habit and figured out that if he had taken the same money he spent on cigarettes and invested it over the last 10 years it would be worth in excess of £250k - enough to buy a nice house. 

Adam uses the metaphor from the movie Sliding Doors - where in a moment two realities are created. A life where he started smoking (his life) and a life where he never started to begin with. This enables him to experience a life of more choice, freedom, opportunity, and respect in the life without smoking than his current life - helping to lay the foundations to quit smoking permanently in the next session. 


Adam Cox is one of the world's most innovative hypnotists and is known for being the hypnotherapist of choice for Celebrities, CEO's and even Royalty.

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