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The Hypnotist

Jul 26, 2020

Adam was working with a man with a rare form of Agoraphobia that meant he got very anxious as he reached the boundary of a distance from his home. Most agoraphobics feel this way about the idea of leaving their home but for him, it was his town. 

Adam uses a variation of what used to be known as the fast phobia cure,...

Jul 25, 2020

Adam creates a hypnosis session inspired by the movie Kung Fu Panda. The hypnosis gives a sense of transformation from a lazy and distracted panda to that of a focusses and disciplined panda full of self-belief. 

The storylines of the movie inspire the guided visualisations with valuable lessons about determination,...

Jul 24, 2020

Adam was working with a gentleman that wanted to lose weight but thought of the process as a difficult struggle. Adam uses regression, direct suggestions, and metaphors to access the resources necessary so that weight loss is more like a game to be played. 

This will be an ideal session for anyone that wants to...

Jul 23, 2020

Adam was working with his daughter to help her think about learning in new ways. He taps into the resourceful states of fascination and determination and gives direct suggestions about what it really means to learn. 

This is an ideal hypnosis session to change beliefs about learnings and to help children with exams or...

Jul 22, 2020

Adam recorded this session for a personal development group to help already successful people feel more resourceful and have more clarity for a future goal. 

It uses a metaphor to help let go of the past of whatever could impede progress towards the goal, and future paces the challenges and setbacks on the journey...