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The Hypnotist

Feb 26, 2021

Hi it’s Adam here and this episode is not a hypnosis episode at all - I Just thought I’d jump on the mic to say a big thank you!!!!

The podcast is just 10 months old and this month - Feb 2021 - we’ve just hit 40,000 downloads in a single month. So a huge thank you for the support. 

My mission is to impact 1 million lives through these hypnosis downloads and by listening you are helping me climb the podcast charts all over the world which gives me access to bigger audiences. 

I’m always looking for inspiration for new hypnosis sessions so as an expression of my gratitude I’d love to hear from you what kind of topics, issues, or things you’d like to hear?

Drop me your ideas or suggestions at or send me a direct message through Instagram at: 

Thank you again for being a listener of the show. Please subscribe if you haven’t already and if you are able to leave a 5-star rating and quick review that will help my show reach more people that may benefit from these hypnosis sessions. 

Thanks again! :)