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The Hypnotist

Feb 28, 2022

Adam creates a random hypnosis session based on the randomly generated emotions of hatred and envy to change perceived insecurities into strengths. 

Set in the Derbyshire town of Chesterfield, Adam uses the famous twisted spire as a metaphor for making your biggest insecurity into a source of pride. 

To sponsor or...

Feb 27, 2022

Adam works with a gentleman to help lay the foundation before he could quit smoking. The man had a firm belief that he couldn't be a non-smoker. So Adam needed to elicit and change the belief so that he could imagine the circumstances where he wouldn't want to smoke. 

This then gave him evidence that it was possible to...

Feb 25, 2022

Adam creates a sponsored hypnosis session for a regular listener called Gabi from Paris who wanted a hypnosis session to inspire and motivate her to start running again. 

Previously a regular runner she wanted to reignite a love for running. Adam creates a hypnosis session that associates running with the benefits of...

Feb 24, 2022

Adam works with a man that lacked confidence in social situations because of a protector part that helped him avoid embarrassment and humiliation as a child. The part was still preventing him from feeling worthy and confident in social situations as an adult. 

Adam uses parts therapy to negotiate new resources to...

Feb 22, 2022

Adam creates a hypnosis session based on the randomly generated emotions of shock and envy to change negative thinking.

Set in the cathedral of St Paul in the city of St Paul, Minnesota, Adam uses the story of the transformation of St Paul as a metaphor for radical changes (a correction) to limited thinking and...